Brethren Camps, part 1

  1. 2. This camp became the Virlina district’s camp when the merger of the districts occurred.
  2. 4. Tents, a former hotel, and a bowling alley were the main facilities of this camp until the mid-1960s when a dining hall, a recreation hall, and bathhouses were built.
  3. 5. This camp in southern Illinois was initially known as Camp Bethany and had its first camp sessions in 1949.
  4. 7. This camp replaced Camp Peniel as the camp that served Maryland and Delaware. It is one of three camps to serve the Mid-Atlantic District.
  5. 8. This camp was purchased by the Sunday School Association of the Western Pennsylvania district on December 30, 1923.
  6. 11. This camp was purchased in 1952 by the Northern Plains district.
  7. 12. Elvin Frantz chaired the district committee that decided to purchase this camp situated in the Rocky Mountains.
  8. 13. One-third of this camp is surrounded by water; needless to say, water activities form a major part of this camp’s programs.
  9. 14. This camp is located on the Blue Mountain and it is owned by the Atlantic Northeast district.
  1. 1. The development of this camp was inspired by a seminar study done by L.W. Shultz on the benefits of the camping movement. In 1981, Camp Living Waters was deeded to this camp as a wilderness site.
  2. 2. In 1967, this camp became the property of the Shenandoah district. It had originally been purchased by the Second and Northern Virginia districts.
  3. 3. This camp is no longer a Church of the Brethren camp, but it had served the Nebraska district before the Nebraska district merged with the Colorado and Kansas districts to form the Western Plains district.
  4. 6. Alma Moyers Long, an instrumental youth in beginning the BVS program, helped found this camp in Ohio.
  5. 9. This camp is operated by a nonprofit corporation representing congregations of the Church of the Brethren in Oregon.
  6. 10. Since 1971, this west coast camp has been jointly administered by the Church of the Brethren, United Church of Christ, and Disciples of Christ.