1. 3. a person who controls resources and expenditures
  2. 4. generates sales of product to allow profitable production using strategies related to promotion ,price ,packaging distribution
  3. 6. an individual who owns and runs their own business and take responsibility for its success or failure
  4. 8. a person or organization with a direct interest in or effected by the performance of a business
  5. 10. a decision making organization included in the process of using inputs to produce goods and service that satisfy human wants
  6. 12. business focus on extracting or catching natural resources
  7. 14. an organization long term aspirations
  8. 17. machinery,factories,raw material,site of factory
  9. 19. the bottom of a recession period of decline in the trade cycle
  10. 20. business transform raw materials obtained in the primary sector
  11. 25. services related to knowledge-economy
  1. 1. an individual who plans and manage a business and take a financial risk of it
  2. 2. a worker who is hired to perform a job
  3. 4. a declaration of an organization's overall purpose
  4. 5. physical and tangible products
  5. 7. a fall in the level of GDP for half a year consecutive quaters
  6. 9. from profit or loans
  7. 10. GDP growth is at its highest level
  8. 11. an individual employed by a large organization who demonstrates entrepreneurial thinking in the development of new products or service
  9. 12. the positive difference between revenues and costs
  10. 13. the longterm intentions of a business that express the way the business intends to develop and allow it to fulfill its mission
  11. 15. the part of economy controlled by the government
  12. 16. profit seeking businesses owned by 2 or more who share responsibility for running the business
  13. 18. short term targets of an organization that must be fulfill to meets its stated aims
  14. 21. establishes appropriate processes to make the product at a level of quality that satisfies customers
  15. 22. GDP begins to rise again,output increase employment increase stock levels fall
  16. 23. labour and its metal and physical skills
  17. 24. the part of economy owned and run by private individuals
  18. 26. associated with the provision of services
  19. 27. intangible products