1. 1. Corporation that has its income added to and taxed as a person's income
  2. 4. Number of employees who are assigned to a manager
  3. 7. Partnership where owners are liable based on how much they invested in a company
  4. 8. Right to assign work and give out rewards for fulfilled responsibility
  5. 9. Produces or performs an activity that is consumed immediately
  6. 10. Specific work assigned to certain people
  7. 13. Corporation that has special permission from the government not to be taxed, normally for charity purposes
  8. 17. Owned by members to serve their needs and is managed in their interest
  9. 18. Company purchasing the rights to run the business
  10. 19. Company that owns the rights and grants it to another
  11. 20. Company created by multiple companies to accomplish a large task
  12. 21. Selling the rights to use a company name and operating procedures.
  1. 2. No limited liability, owned by more than one person
  2. 3. Responsibility for results
  3. 5. People are grouped into projects
  4. 6. Statement of why a business exists
  5. 11. Creates goods for other businesses or consumers to purchase
  6. 12. Clear reporting relationship for all staff in a business
  7. 14. Easy to start up
  8. 15. Sell products from other businesses to other businesses or consumers
  9. 16. Corporation taxed like a partnership
  10. 19. People are grouped based on professional expertise