1. 4. It is said that Saint Theodora's bones had been stolen by the __________.
  2. 5. The figure of the Almighty in Parigoritissa's _______________ is depicted along with the figures of the twelve prophets and wheels.
  3. 7. ________________ Komnenos Duke is Saint Theodora's son.
  4. 9. Saint Theodora's inside walls are covered with _______________.
  5. 10. Saint Theodora is the ______________ Saint of Arta.
  6. 12. The Lady _______________ department of the church of Parigoritissa remains incomplete.
  7. 14. In 1953 onwards Kato Panagia's monastery was turned into a _______________.
  8. 15. There is a large wing of sixteen _____________ at the back yard of Parigoritissa's Temple.
  9. 16. On the left side of the entrance of the temple the visitors can see the ___________ of Saint Theodora.
  10. 18. It is said that the monastery of Kato Panagia was built as an indication of repentance for marital ______________ towards Queen Theodora
  11. 19. ___________ is the main source of income in Kato Panagia's monastery.
  12. 20. Kato Panagia is celebrated on the 15th of _______________ each year.
  1. 1. The ________________ of Saint Theodora's Temple is divided into three phases.
  2. 2. Michael B' Komnenos Duke was the ___________ of Queen Theodora of Arta.
  3. 3. This Saint's temple is located in what used to be the area of the old Turkish bargain place in Arta.
  4. 6. Parigoritissa is another ________________ of Byzantine Art.
  5. 8. Saint Zacharias monastery was built at the ________________ of Kato Panagia's monastery.
  6. 11. Inside the yard of Kato Panagia's monastery is the chapel of Saint ____________.
  7. 13. On the large marble arch, at the entrance of Parigoritissa, there is an architectural ________________.
  8. 17. The ______________ of the dome have suffered a serious damage in Parigoritissa's temple.