1. 3. A little house you stay in during your vacation
  2. 5. You can swim in it
  3. 6. A favourite way to cook a meal when camping
  4. 8. At night you might hear it "hooot"
  5. 9. an activity you can do at the lake if you have a rod
  6. 11. the people you can go on vacation with
  7. 12. You see them when you look up at the night sky
  8. 15. this is what you sleep in when camping
  9. 16. the accommodation you put up with poles and pegs
  1. 1. the animals you might see
  2. 2. the area where you pitch your tent
  3. 4. put them on a stick and toast them on the campfire
  4. 7. graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows
  5. 9. handy to be able to see your way around at night
  6. 10. You can sit around it together at night and sing some songs
  7. 13. use it to navigate when hiking
  8. 14. essential to prevent dehydration