1. 3. A popular camping treat made by sandwiching chocolate and marshmallows between graham crackers and heating them.
  2. 6. A portable shelter made of fabric or other materials, used for camping and providing temporary accommodation.
  3. 9. A marked path or route for walking or hiking, often found in natural or wilderness areas.
  4. 10. A narrow, lightweight boat pointed at both ends and propelled by paddles, commonly used for water activities.
  5. 12. Animals and plants living in their natural habitats, often encountered during camping or outdoor adventures.
  6. 14. A navigational instrument that shows directions, commonly used for orienteering or finding one's way in nature.
  7. 15. An outdoor fire used for cooking, warmth, and entertainment during camping.
  8. 16. A portable light source, often powered by batteries or fuel, used for illumination during camping.
  1. 1. The activity of catching fish, typically done using a fishing rod, line, and bait.
  2. 2. A designated area or site equipped for camping, often providing facilities such as toilets and showers.
  3. 4. A warm and portable bag designed for sleeping in, typically used for camping or other outdoor activities.
  4. 5. A designated area or place where people can set up tents and camp overnight.
  5. 7. A cooking method where food is grilled or cooked over an open fire or hot coals.
  6. 8. A designated area or place where people can set up tents and camp overnight.
  7. 11. An outdoor activity of walking or trekking in natural environments, often involving hills, mountains, or trails.
  8. 13. A bag worn on the back, used for carrying belongings during hiking or camping trips.