1. 2. A portable light source used for illuminating camping areas at night.
  2. 3. Animals and plants living in their natural habitats, often encountered while camping.
  3. 4. A person who engages in camping activities and outdoor adventures.
  4. 5. A covering or shelter, such as a tarp or awning, used to provide shade or protection.
  5. 6. Walking in natural environments for leisure or exercise, often a part of camping trips.
  6. 7. Traveling or hiking while carrying all necessary gear and supplies in a backpack.
  7. 9. A sweet confection, often roasted over a campfire to make s'mores.
  8. 12. A portable shelter made of fabric, typically supported by poles and used for camping.
  9. 13. A snack mix often consisting of nuts, dried fruits, and chocolate, popular among campers.
  1. 1. A portable padded bag used for sleeping, often insulated for warmth during camping.
  2. 5. An area or facility equipped for camping, usually with amenities like restrooms and fire pits.
  3. 8. An outdoor fire used for cooking, warmth, and socializing while camping.
  4. 10. Relating to or taking place in the open air, characteristic of camping experiences.
  5. 11. A designated area for setting up a tent and other camping activities.