Cassie's Crosswords: Flora and Fauna

  1. 2. A fiery herb found in Tanaris, ogres use it to spice their food
  2. 4. One of the most commonly smoked herbs
  3. 5. Large flightless birds native to Kalimdor
  4. 7. Large flying creatures, used as mounts by the elves of Quel'thalas
  5. 10. Likely related to the kodo, these massive creatures have spines running down their back
  6. 11. The favoured mounts of the Shal'dorei
  7. 13. A type of beast commonly accompanying Naga raids
  8. 14. Native to Nagrand, they are domesticated for meat, milk, and as a pack animal
  9. 16. A creature of fire and rebirth
  10. 17. Native to Argus, these creatures are favorite pets among Draenei
  1. 1. A female sheep
  2. 3. Gruesome creatures kept as pets by the natives of Nazmir
  3. 6. Blue, glowing plants found on Azuremyst Isle, named after their appearance
  4. 8. Mysterious creatures said to appear during the Brewfest
  5. 9. Named after an orcish warchief, it is found in demon-tainted areas
  6. 12. Highly sought after, this Tirasian herb gets the name from the shape of its blossoms
  7. 15. Poisonous, it grows mostly under bushes