Cat's Cradle Ch 28-40

  1. 4. a person who steers people away from a line of speculation by reducing that line to an absurdity.
  2. 6. another word for a mirage. Also the title of chapter 39
  3. 7. the inscription on Felix Hoenikker's tombstone
  4. 9. Dr. Breed's brother
  5. 10. The instrument Angela knows how to play
  6. 11. Bokononists whisper this whenever they think of how complicated and unpredictable the machinery of life really is
  7. 12. Jack shows this to Jonah. It was made by Frank Hoenikker.
  1. 1. a sudden, very personal shove in the direction of bokononism
  2. 2. the nickname of Miguel Manzano the Dictator of San Lorenzo
  3. 3. the last name of the man Jonah lets live in his New York apartment for free. He trashes the place.
  4. 5. Felix won this. It payed for his wife's tombstone
  5. 7. His gravestone is a perfect cube forty centimeters on each side
  6. 8. could have married any man she wanted.
  7. 9. the name of the woman Jonah falls in love with at first sight
  8. 10. last name of the hotel Casa Mona