Celebrate Black History Month: Names to know

  1. 4. Director best known for "Black Panther" and "Creed"
  2. 5. Broadway star with the most performance Tony wins
  3. 8. U.S. Senator and Baptist reverend from Georgia
  4. 9. Her Renaissance World Tour became the 8th highest grossing tour of all time
  5. 10. His directing career has spanned decades, including the recent "Da 5 Bloods"
  6. 12. Four-time tennis Grand Slam champion representing Japan
  7. 16. He's come a long way since "Old Town Road"
  8. 17. Record producer who recently took charge of the soundtrack for "Across the Spider-Verse"
  9. 18. Star of 2019's "Harriet" and the upcoming "Wicked" movie
  10. 20. First overall NBA draft pick of 2023
  11. 21. The artist with the most nominations for the upcoming Grammys
  12. 24. A young actress who recently starred in the "Percy Jackson" series
  1. 1. The first Black ballerina to be promoted to principal dancer for the American Ballet Theatre
  2. 2. She became an EGOT winner with a 2023 Grammy for her audiobook "Finding Me"
  3. 3. The most decorated American gymnast in history
  4. 5. She had quite the year in 2023, starring in shows and movies like "The Bear" and "Bottoms"
  5. 6. You could say she did the thing, if the thing was getting nominated for an Oscar for a Marvel movie
  6. 7. Emmy-winning actress and writer bringing back the network sitcom
  7. 8. Painter commissioned for Obama's Smithsonian portrait
  8. 11. Initials of the newest Supreme Court justice
  9. 13. Filmmaker behind "Selma" and "13th"
  10. 14. A young adult author who rose to prominence with her novel "The Hate U Give"
  11. 15. The youngest inaugural poet in U.S. history
  12. 19. He went from sketch comic to acclaimed horror director
  13. 22. She spent over a week orbiting Earth from the space shuttle Endeavor in 1992
  14. 23. Tennis star who visited Trinity on Wednesday