Celebrity Internet Cats

  1. 2. Bagel (her real name) always looks tres cool because she was born without eyelids
  2. 6. The beloved Japanese cat recently passed on but was inseparable from Granny Misao
  3. 7. Also known as the "rescued vampire cat" born with a cleft palate that give him an underbite
  4. 10. Also known as "le chat noir" is a male tuxedo cat with his own web series
  5. 12. British pair, black cat and orange tabby
  6. 13. Known as the "shocked cat," this Siamese-Tabby mix always has a surprised look on her face
  7. 14. A "master of boxes"
  8. 15. The "two-faced kitten"
  1. 1. The Minneapolis-based cat whose round face is dark chocolate, caramel, and vanilla all in one
  2. 3. The "perma-kitten" famous for her big eyes and hanging tongue
  3. 4. This cat is known for his worried-looking eyebrows
  4. 5. An adorable munchkin cat that is ever-fashionable
  5. 8. This kitty has a black spot below his mouth, looking as if he is perpetually agog
  6. 9. Tardar Sauce is her real name, but folks know her by her facial expression
  7. 10. This "hipster cat" sports a white handlebar moustache
  8. 11. Though he crossed the rainbow bridge in 2014, this Himalayan-Persian pix held the record for the cat with the longest fur (9 inches!)