Chandarvo Godesses

  1. 1. The rooster shown in rainbow colors gains significance because it represents ____.
  2. 2. A Gujarati word for physical deformity. Goddess Khodiyar's name is derived from this word.
  3. 3. The mother of all mother goddesses, deemed so after her vehicle of fearlessness, the 'Vagh'.
  4. 6. This vehicle gives the goddess the ungulate 'ship of the desert'
  5. 8. She is worshiped by traders, seafarers, Rajputs and Baghris alike.
  6. 9. Goddess Meladi was created by _______.
  7. 11. She hails from Kutch and rides a camel. Often, also called Dashama.
  1. 1. Confusion, confusion, she sits on a black goat but isn't Goddess Meladi. The difference lies in boats, sails, aquatic life around her. Who is she?
  2. 4. Vishat, the 20 armed goddess received which vehicle as a gift from Lord Vishnu.
  3. 5. Bahuchara, the benevolent protector of India's Hijra community, is depicted seated on a?
  4. 7. She is to Brahma, what Nandini is to Nanda. She rides a hamsa (swan) just like Brahma too.
  5. 10. Her vehicle is a Dog, and she protects the people of Gujarat from real diseases.