Chapter 1 and 3

  1. 4. Both of Latoya’s parents have?
  2. 5. Which one of the health triangle categories involves speaking to other people?
  3. 6. Persons capacity to learn about and understand basic health information and services, and to use these resources to promote one’s health and wellness
  4. 8. What part of the health triangle is about how well your body functions?
  5. 11. Related Risks that can increase in effect with each added risk
  6. 13. What does your personal identity describe
  7. 14. Can influence your identity
  8. 16. Providing accurate health information and teaching health skills to help people make health decisions
  9. 17. People of the same age who share similar interests?
  10. 18. Traits that you were biologically passed on to your parents?
  11. 23. The control over your environment, and high-risk mentality?
  12. 25. Being close to others that provide you support
  13. 26. Deliberate decision to avoid high risk behaviors, including sexual activity and the use of tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs
  14. 27. Your health at any moment can be seen as a point along what?
  15. 28. How a person thinks, feels and behaves
  16. 30. Run by the health on the Net Foundation which is dedicated to improving the quality of online health information?
  17. 33. Having the skills to do something
  18. 34. The ability to adapt effectively
  19. 36. The ability to accept yourself and others
  20. 37. The sum of your surroundings?
  21. 39. Recognizing you have a value and importance
  22. 40. Taking steps to keep something from happening
  23. 41. Sense of yourself as an individual
  24. 42. How you value yourself
  25. 43. The public health agency of the United States
  26. 44. The more risk behaviors you participate in, the more likely you are to experience what
  27. 45. Tendency, or practice that’s hard to give up
  28. 46. A person who is able to express health knowledge in a variety of ways
  29. 47. having the confidence to make responsible decisions
  1. 1. In what year did the cost of US health care reach 2.8 trillion
  2. 2. Differences in health outcomes among groups
  3. 3. To strive to be the best you can
  4. 6. A nationwide health promotion and disease prevention plan designed to serve as a guide for improving the health of all people in the United States
  5. 7. You demonstrate what by taking responsibility for your health and playing an active role in maintaining your wellness
  6. 9. The personal habits or behaviors related to the way a person lives
  7. 10. helps you accept and recover from difficulties and failures
  8. 12. The way you view situations that have a big effect on your health?
  9. 15. Set of characteristics that makes you unique
  10. 19. What is the combination of physical,emotional, and social well being?
  11. 20. Chronic disorders fall in what category on the health continuum chart?
  12. 21. What involves having a feeling of purpose and sense of values?
  13. 22. A way to develop self-esteem
  14. 24. Element that contributes to a particular result?
  15. 29. The collective beliefs,costumes, and behaviors of a group?
  16. 31. Actions that can potentially threaten your health or the health of others
  17. 32. Refers to the collective beliefs,customs, and behaviors of a group?
  18. 35. Experts believe that poor health literacy influences persons what more than age, income, and education
  19. 38. Someone who serves as an example to you
  20. 40. Seeing the bright side of life