Christmas Story

  1. 2. What of the Lord shone round about them.
  2. 3. What the angel told Mary would come upon her.
  3. 4. The type of tidings the angel bought.
  4. 5. The name of the man Mary was espoused to.
  5. 8. One of the gifts presented to the young child.
  6. 9. What Mary was about the manner of the angel's salutation.
  7. 11. Who was the governor of Syria when the taxing was first made.
  8. 15. The name which is interpreted, God with us.
  9. 18. The type of women Mary was.
  10. 19. There was no room there.
  11. 23. The name of the king when Jesus was born.
  12. 25. The number of heavenly host with the angel praising God.
  13. 26. The name of the Caesar that said all the world should be taxed.
  14. 28. Those who came from the east.
  15. 30. What the heavenly host said would be on earth.
  16. 31. What the angel told Mary they shalt call her son.
  17. 35. Those who were abiding in the field.
  18. 39. How the angel appeared unto Joseph.
  19. 41. The city Joseph and Mary went out of.
  20. 42. The name of Mary's cousin.
  21. 43. What the holy thing which would be born of Mary would be called.
  1. 1. What those from the east opened.
  2. 3. The first thing the angel said Mary was.
  3. 6. Where the angel told Mary she shalt conceive.
  4. 7. The city of David.
  5. 10. Whose house he would reign over for ever.
  6. 12. After Joseph was raised from this he took unto him his wife.
  7. 13. The name of the angel that visited Mary.
  8. 14. What of his would be no end.
  9. 16. What Mary said she knew not.
  10. 17. Who the angel said her son shall be called the Son of.
  11. 20. How Joseph was minded to put Mary away.
  12. 21. What the angel said she was among women.
  13. 22. Mary went to a city here in haste.
  14. 24. Whose throne the Lord God would give unto him.
  15. 27. The thing that was seen in the sky in the east.
  16. 29. What Mary laid her son in.
  17. 32. The month the angel was sent to Mary.
  18. 33. The number of months Mary abode in the house of Zacharias.
  19. 34. The type of man Joseph was.
  20. 36. What of the Highest would overshadow Mary.
  21. 37. Where Joseph was told to flee to.
  22. 38. The type of clothes Mary wrapped her firstborn son in.
  23. 39. What went out from the Caesar that all the world should be taxed.
  24. 40. What was born in the city of David, which is Christ the Lord.