Christmast eve

  1. 3. Christian sacrament representing the birth of Jesus
  2. 7. Christian custom of attending a candlelight procession on Christmas Eve
  3. 8. Christian practice of lighting candles to symbolize Jesus as the Light of the World
  4. 9. Christian symbol associated with the guiding star of Bethlehem
  5. 10. Christian belief in joyous celebration on Christmas Eve
  6. 13. Reading passages from the Bible on Christmas Eve
  7. 14. Special Christian worship on Christmas Eve
  8. 16. Christian belief in prayer and reflection on Christmas Eve
  9. 17. Christian tradition of dramatizing Jesus' birth on Christmas Eve
  1. 1. Service often conducted on Christmas Eve
  2. 2. Christian custom of attending a special church service on Christmas Eve
  3. 3. Eve Christian celebration on December 24th
  4. 4. Traditional hymn sung on Christmas Eve
  5. 5. Christian concept associated with Christmas Eve
  6. 6. Christian tradition of sharing a festive meal on Christmas Eve
  7. 11. Christian belief in reflecting on Jesus' birth on Christmas Eve
  8. 12. Belief that Jesus was born at this time on Christmas Eve
  9. 15. Christian custom of exchanging well-wishes on Christmas Eve
  10. 18. Period leading to Christmas, starting four Sundays before
  11. 19. Biblical event symbolizing Jesus' birth