Cinderella Crossword

  1. 4. Who was invited to the Princess’s ball?
  2. 6. Fill in the blank: The prince is _______ a ball.
  3. 8. How many mice are in our woodside cinderlas?
  4. 10. Addition to the mice what other animal is cinderella friends with?
  5. 11. What phrase does the stepmother repeat to her daughter throughout the musical?
  1. 1. Who is the Director of the play?
  2. 2. What dress does Cinderella plan to wear to the ball?
  3. 3. What Pulls Cinderella's carriage?
  4. 5. What time must cinderella leave the ball?
  5. 7. What was the name of the prince in the musical?
  6. 9. What are the names of the Stepsisters