1. 2. The plant that have cones instead of flowers.
  2. 4. The trees that grow in marshy areas.
  3. 6. The pine, fir and cedar all are tall and straight trees found in
  4. 7. Plants that creep along the ground.
  5. 8. The part of plant that traps insects.
  6. 12. 5th June is celebrated as
  1. 1. Plants with long, ribbon like, narrow leaves.
  2. 3. The green part of desert plants contains chlorophyll and makes food.
  3. 5. Duckweed, water lettuce and water hyacinth are
  4. 9. Plants that have weak steams and cannot stand upright without any support.
  5. 10. A plant Shoot that have a high nutritional value and are rich in vitamins, cellulose and amino acids.
  6. 11. The roots grow out of the soil and water to breathe.