1. 3. The recorded events, people, and developments that have shaped a country over time. History tells the story of a nation's past.
  2. 9. Customs, beliefs, or practices that are passed down through generations in a country. Traditions can include holidays, festivals, and ceremonies.
  3. 12. anthem A song that represents a country and is played or sung on special occasions. National anthems often celebrate the country's history and values.
  4. 13. The traditional foods and cooking styles associated with a particular country. Cuisine reflects the culture and flavors of a nation.
  5. 14. The system or group of people who control and manage a country. Governments make decisions and enforce laws for the well-being of citizens.
  6. 15. The line or boundary that separates one country from another. Borders can be marked by physical features or official checkpoints.
  1. 1. The type of money used in a country. Currency can be in the form of coins or banknotes and has a specific value.
  2. 2. A structure or statue that commemorates a person, event, or historical significance of a country. Monuments are often visited by tourists.
  3. 4. The total number of people living in a country. Population size can vary greatly from one country to another.
  4. 5. The main city or town that serves as the seat of government for a country. Capitals are often centers of political and economic activities.
  5. 6. A famous or significant feature or site in a country that holds historical, cultural, or symbolic importance.
  6. 7. A system of communication used by people in a particular country. Each country has its own language or languages.
  7. 8. A geographical area with its own government and borders. Countries have their own cultures, languages, and traditions.
  8. 10. A piece of cloth with distinctive colors and patterns that represents a country. Flags are often raised on flagpoles as national symbols.
  9. 11. The customs, arts, social institutions, and achievements of a particular country. Culture encompasses language, traditions, music, and more.