1. 1. The study of the physical features and landscapes of a country.
  2. 3. A form of government where people have the power to choose their leaders.
  3. 6. A famous or important site in a country, often with historical significance.
  4. 7. Anthem A song that represents and symbolizes a country.
  5. 9. A piece of cloth with unique colors and patterns representing a country.
  6. 11. One of the large land masses on Earth, such as Asia, Europe, or Africa.
  7. 12. The system or group of people that make decisions and govern a country.
  1. 2. The number of people living in a country.
  2. 4. The main city or town where the government of a country is located.
  3. 5. The system of communication used by the people of a country.
  4. 8. The customs, traditions, and way of life of a country or its people.
  5. 10. The type of money used in a country.