Courier Crossword Corner February 7, 2024

  1. 2. Lyndsey Cumberland assisted making these for the U.S. Bureau of Land Management prior to coming to Niwot
  2. 3. The grade at NHS of the Athlete of the Week and Gatorade National Girls Cross Country Player of the Year
  3. 7. "Good Eats" host Alton Brown's secret to the perfect brownie is to do this to them twice
  4. 8. NHS swim team took this place in the Longs Peak League swim and dive championships
  5. 10. Jeff Server farms honey and lavender at this "Lake Farm"
  6. 11. Residents met on Feb. 4 to discuss this proposed facility before recommendations are made by the Boulder County Planning & Permitting Department
  7. 12. The song the NHS choirs traditionally sing in rounds at their final concert
  8. 13. NHS Valentine's tradition where choir members sing songs to recipients
  9. 16. He will record his tribute to Bert Steele
  10. 17. The number of generations Jill Belue's family has farmed their land east of Niwot
  11. 19. Type of runners both of Addison Ritzenhein's parents are
  1. 1. Anna Enssle has performed twice at this famous Hall
  2. 4. Lyndsey Cumberland owns this insurance agency
  3. 5. Jeff Server did this to corn in Iowa during the summer when he was a teenager
  4. 6. Jeff Server worked as a videographer for this Colorado Springs TV station
  5. 9. Number of positions open on the LID Advisory Committee
  6. 12. Apt name for the ultra marathon recently completed by Pete Brandes
  7. 14. NHS program in basketball, bowling and theater that connects students with special needs to other students
  8. 15. The type of days when school would be cancelled due to winter weather
  9. 18. This genre of student musicians recently performed at the Longs Peak Pub and Tap House
  10. 20. Heuer, Altenborg and Fay won individual first places on Feb. 2 for this NHS team