Courier Crossword Corner June 14, 2023

  1. 4. Dean Himes was this act at Rock & Rails last week
  2. 5. The headliner at Rock & Rails featured this person
  3. 8. What royalty was featured at Rock & Rails last week?
  4. 10. Bullen helped NHS win three of these kind of track and cross country titles
  5. 12. Adoptive parent of Lenny
  6. 13. Gonzales and Christensen became friends playing this sport together
  7. 14. This type of show gave insight to past farm equipment
  8. 15. This Hindman graduated from the Niwot School along with Jo Ann Bell and John Montoya
  1. 1. Lenny came to Niwot from this "sainted" island
  2. 2. NHS alumni Gonzales and Christensen both work for this sports team
  3. 3. Open Studios will present art at the former store that sold this
  4. 5. The Local Improvement District was asked to do this for several Niwot events
  5. 6. The Niwot School was razed in 1972 to make room for this road
  6. 7. Kids at The Niwot School often used this part of an orange for traction on shoes
  7. 9. Bullen found the Crimson Tide to be a school where girls do this for each other
  8. 11. What was found in a WWII cockpit?
  9. 12. Juan and Amelia Apodaca lived in this house by the railroad tracks in Niwot