Courier Crossword Corner May 10, 2023

  1. 3. May 20 is a day to do this with your trash
  2. 6. Joshua Ibarra-Trujillo is a positive force in this NHS ensemble
  3. 9. This tax valuation has probably increased for your home
  4. 10. Arts Student of the week Joshua Ibarra-Trujillo's favorite performer
  5. 12. She received the highest number of votes for Mountain View Fire Board of Directors election
  6. 13. LID approved doing this for many Niwot events
  7. 14. Tiffany Yie hopes to attend this Georgia university in the fall
  8. 16. Basketball team soccer player Tiffany Yie is a member of
  9. 17. Eagle Scout Montana Heather presented the NCA with a project to install this
  10. 18. NHS girls tennis players qualified for this tournament after regionals
  1. 1. Type of vikings who visited Around the World Day last year
  2. 2. Tiffany Yie's soccer position
  3. 4. This was dedicated to honor Anne Whitehill
  4. 5. This "Little" lake has been restored
  5. 7. The "I" in LID
  6. 8. Dr. Felicia Reimer was named NHS Dean of this
  7. 11. NHS music department honored students with these May 3
  8. 13. NHS' inaugural volleyball team finished the season in this position within the league
  9. 15. Cougar girls soccer won the season's final game against this Mountain View mountain mascot