Courier Crossword Corner May 17, 2023

  1. 2. A new floor results in the cutting of this at the Grange
  2. 3. Direction of this July 4 race
  3. 5. NHS music department with students traveling to New York
  4. 8. NHS girls soccer player who led the season in assists and points
  5. 11. Jed Kilpatrick's younger brother
  6. 14. The Boulder Planning Commission recommended denying Prairie Orchard's application for a vacation rental and this hall on Niwot Road
  7. 15. Jed Kilpatrick's position on the NHS baseball team
  8. 17. The Niwot Business Association recently did this with speed
  1. 1. Type of tour the NHS Music Department is planning
  2. 4. NHS music department with students traveling to the Baltic States and Finland
  3. 6. New Niwot Administrative Coordinator
  4. 7. This part of ceramics is "always a surprise" according to the Arts Student of the Week
  5. 9. Upcoming use for the former feed store in Niwot
  6. 10. NHS's Stephen Codevilla had Silver Creek’s highest individual finish at fourth in this swimming event
  7. 12. Autumn Rutherford's favorite art medium
  8. 13. Bank that acquired Bank of the West
  9. 16. NHS music department planning to travel to Walt Disney World next year