Courier Crossword Corner May 3, 2023

  1. 2. New Universal theme park in Orlando hopes to be this
  2. 3. This "Ace" was a short-lived venue on 2nd Avenue in the 1980's
  3. 4. NHS Orchestra Director
  4. 8. NHS bands will play this May 17 and 18
  5. 9. This summer the community will again do this "on the Rails"
  6. 11. Dr. Felicia Reimer was named NHS Dean of this
  7. 13. Kaiya Brown's favorite musical
  8. 15. This important construction project occurred on 2nd Avenue in 1993
  9. 16. Both The Niwot Historical Society and Niwot High School
  10. 17. This will be dedicated to the memory of Ann Whitehill May 6
  11. 18. This volleyball player at will be headed to UNC to play football next year
  12. 19. Jason Marylander helped "train" this dragon at Universal Beijing Resort
  13. 22. New Niwot planter refurbished by Tim Wise
  1. 1. This commercial structure was conditionally approved to be built on the current Lefty's site by Boulder County CPP
  2. 3. NHS Band Director
  3. 5. Engineering company working on the LoBo Trail-Jay Road Connection Project
  4. 6. A type of white wine that is still a thing
  5. 7. Skyline High School quarterback plays this sport for NHS
  6. 10. The NCA's annual Clean Up Day lets people drop off this
  7. 12. NHS girls team hosting Regional Tournament in this sport
  8. 14. Dr. Felicia Reimer moved to Colorado from this state
  9. 20. Kaiya Brown is extremely involved in this aspect of theater
  10. 21. The kind of "mama" that is a headliner at Rock & Rails