Courier Crossword Corner September 6, 2023

  1. 2. The Niwot Semi-Marching Free Grange Band reminded the Art Show that the devil wears this color dress
  2. 3. “US 287 Vision Zero Safety + Mobility Study” is driving towards eliminating serious injuries and this
  3. 4. A consumer shopping mecca which recently opened in Longmont
  4. 5. He scored both goals to win the most recent NHS boys soccer game
  5. 6. The golf team that is "a good measuring stick" for the Cougars
  6. 8. NHS football won against Thornton with a dominant this
  7. 10. Arts Student of the Week thinks this program has made NHS a wonderful experience
  8. 13. Final Rock & Rail veteran opening act
  9. 15. The Boulder to Erie Regional Trail was originally called this RTD trail
  10. 16. Josh Rodriguz uses this skill on the soccer field to get around defenders
  11. 18. Ash Kissinger's favorite musical
  1. 1. Susan Sorkin's "Good Boy" features a dog with this newspaper in his mouth
  2. 4. NHS cross country team had their first competition of the season in this city
  3. 7. This NHS team won against the Mountain View Mountain Lions last week
  4. 9. NHS golfer who collected two tournament wins last week
  5. 11. Grand prize winner of Why Not Niwot? Juried Art Show
  6. 12. Bus Rapid Transit is referred to as this
  7. 14. Coach Purcell said Heidi Herbert and Maeve Flentie provide the NHS gymnastics team with this
  8. 17. Montana Heather created this to welcome Niwot visitors as his Eagle Scout project