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  1. 4. Human coronavirus were found by enzyme linked immunosorbent assay in which tract.
  2. 5. In which month the Reports of the first COVID-19 cases started in 2019.
  3. 6. how many seconds we have to wash our hands.
  4. 9. The virus can affect both tract.
  5. 14. If we feel unwell what we have to do.
  6. 15. wash your hands by using soap or
  7. 17. How much distance should maintain between one person to another to prevent COVID-19
  8. 18. To prevent ourselves from corona we have to maintain.
  9. 21. shape of the coronavirus
  10. 23. which virus was identified in patients with SARS. GLOBALPANDEMIC The world health organization declared COVID-19 as.
  11. 24. which country mostly affected due to COVID-19.
  12. 25. most common symptoms of coronavirus
  13. 26. In which month the WHO announced a name for the corona virus disease as COVID-19.
  1. 1. what type of care is used to treat the sever ill patients
  2. 2. which system where affect due to corona virus
  3. 3. The health care workers should use the proper
  4. 7. What type of unknown cases where detected in Wuhan
  5. 8. What type of infection causes by all seven types of human coronavirus
  6. 10. The coronaviruses are known to jump from animals to.
  7. 11. incubation period of coronavirus
  8. 12. who is most at risk for the virus
  9. 13. the first outbreak of coronaviruse identified in which city.
  10. 16. How does the coronavirus disease spread
  11. 19. The new coronavirus is a what type of virus.
  12. 20. Corona viruses are a group of related virus.
  13. 22. We should cover our mouth while coughing or sneezing by using the.