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  1. 3. It is the process of examining a person to see if they have a disease
  2. 6. The disease that is, transmissible by direct on indirect person
  3. 7. A person is infected with a pathogen and he spreads it to an unusually large number of individuals who aren't infected
  4. 9. A person who accompanies a COVID-19 positive patient to the hospital will be considered as a COVID-19
  5. 12. A disinfectant which is used to clean the surroundings to kill the coronavirus
  6. 14. This is used to denote an object that may be contaminated with infectious organisms and severe in their transmission
  7. 15. The patient's with no symptoms like caugh,breathing different or fever but were exposed to the virus
  8. 16. The period between exposure to an infection and the appearance of the first symptoms
  9. 18. It is the first measure to be adapted when you feel unwell
  10. 19. Most common measure to be adapted for the prevention of corna virus
  11. 20. PCR tests are used to detect these in our body
  12. 21. The COVID-19 is transmitted from animals to humans.so, it is called as which type of transmission
  13. 22. A drug used to treat malaria which is being explored and tested as a possible treatment for the novel coronavirus
  14. 23. A machine which is used to pump oxygen into the lungs and removes carbon dioxide through a tube
  15. 24. A protective device with high filtration efficiency from inhaling hazardous atmosphere including fumes, vapours, gases and airborne microorganisms
  16. 25. COVID-19 become a disease that occurs over a wide geographic and affects an exceptionally high proportion
  1. 1. This should be asked first when a person shows the signs and symptoms of coronavirus
  2. 2. This PPE covers the whole face from exposure to microorganisms
  3. 4. The phenomenon where a large part of an area or a community of people become immune to an infection disease, which effectively stops the disease from spreading and protects the entire community
  4. 5. Coronavirus primary infection this organ
  5. 8. A person identified as the first to become infected with an illness or disease in an outbreak
  6. 10. The test used for the qualitative detection of nucleic acid from SARS-COV2 in upper and lower respiratory specimens
  7. 11. The most affected state in India by coronavirus(COVID-19)
  8. 13. A person with cardiovascular illness or diabetes are said to be at the more risk of developing severe
  9. 17. The practice of identifying and monitoring who may have had contact with an infectious person as a means of controlling the spread of communicable disease