Crimes and misdemeanors - Part 5

  1. 2. a person charged with a crime
  2. 4. a warrant issued by a judge, often to command someone to appear before the judge, with a setting of an amount of bail to be posted
  3. 6. the predisposition of a judge, arbitrator, prospective juror, or anyone making a judicial decision, against or in favor of one of the parties or a class of persons
  4. 7. a statement made by a party to a lawsuit or a criminal defendant, usually prior to trial, that certain facts are true
  5. 9. an excuse used by a person accused or suspected of a crime
  6. 10. someone who assists in the commission of a crime and, unlike a mere accessory, is usually present or directly aids in the crime (like holding a gun on the bank guard while the vault is looted, or holding a victim of assault and battery)
  1. 1. the final argument by an attorney on behalf of his/her client after all evidence has been produced for both sides
  2. 3. a person or entity who enters into a plot with one or more other people or entities to commit illegal acts, legal acts with an illegal object, or using illegal methods, to the harm of others
  3. 5. moving about without a means to support oneself, without a permanent home, and relying on begging
  4. 8. dishonesty, fraudulent conduct, false statements made knowing them to be untrue, by which the liar intends to deceive a party receiving the statements and expects the party to believe and rely on them