Crochet Cross Word

  1. 3. This is Mikey's worst stitch that should be wiped off the face of the earth.
  2. 4. This host's first name which is the author of Cute Critters as well.
  3. 10. Mikey jokes that those who have a lot of yarn could use this for their house to do what?
  4. 11. Mikey's series known for samplers usually starts with this name.
  5. 13. Mikeys favourite stitch has a woman's first name.
  6. 16. ____ & Kisses.
  7. 18. What are the items that were featured the most that were up to 12 feet tall?
  8. 23. Mikey tells his team to Stop Making ______.
  9. 27. You can find Mikey's free video tutorials on this platform.
  10. 28. What State is the corporate office for Yarnspirations in the United States.
  11. 31. Mikey has a saying of Balls to the _____!
  12. 32. What medical condition was Mikey made aware of in 2023 that he has.
  13. 34. What is the first name of the designer that does Hugs and Kisses.
  14. 40. The yarn is best when it's on....
  15. 41. Which lake was our last Jimmy Beans Retreat in Fall 2023.
  16. 42. Mikey and Diva Dan used host floating retreats called Crochet _______?
  17. 44. This stitch, Adjustable Ring, goes by another name.
  18. 46. Name one brand of yarn that Yarnspirations makes that starts with C.
  19. 48. This yarn brand is known in Canada as Bernat Handifcafter, what is the USA name for this brand.
  20. 49. Which store has the most choices of Caron One Pound?
  21. 50. Mikeys new secondary hobby is?
  22. 51. Official name of stuffed toys for crochet.
  23. 52. This host has a last name that is something you can find in trees.
  24. 53. Is the nickname both Mikey and Diva Dan call each other at home.
  25. 56. This was the name of the first kit ever made with a Mikey Pattern
  26. 57. Something we say to others when they ask us to go to bed.
  27. 58. Black Friday yarn sales happen in this month.
  28. 59. Mikey prefers this type of project over anything else.
  29. 60. Every spring, Mikey hosts this.
  1. 1. What is the name of the packaging that goes around yarn balls?
  2. 2. This is alternative name of the moss stitch and linen stitch.
  3. 3. Mikey and Diva Dan's first dog's name.
  4. 5. Mikey thrives off of this every day.
  5. 6. Who taught Mikey to crochet when he was fourteen?
  6. 7. This was Mikey's first ever major free pattern.
  7. 8. Youngest stitch ambassador for Yarnspirations.
  8. 9. The official corporate name of Yarnspirations is.
  9. 12. Which night of the week is Stitch Night each week for Mikey?
  10. 14. Which brand did Mikey use as a child and continues to be his favourite today?
  11. 15. This team member keeps Mikey in check.
  12. 17. Double Crochet is known in the UK as this stitch.
  13. 19. This is the longer name of C2C.
  14. 20. Mikey prefers patterns to be this.
  15. 21. This host has an octopus in their logo.
  16. 22. What is the name of the village that Mikey and Diva Dan live?
  17. 24. Typical theme used in this month that does Christmas many months in advance.
  18. 25. Mikey believes education should be this.
  19. 26. This resources has two hosts named Tiffany and Hannah.
  20. 29. Which province did Mikey and Diva Dan live in before moving to Nova Scotia?
  21. 30. What was the first name of the first mega show that Mikey presented at and then continued to work for them for a few years?
  22. 33. Lunch and Learn is on this day of the week.
  23. 35. Mikey prefers these types of crochet blankets.
  24. 36. Mikey drinks this daily.
  25. 37. Mikey says in Videos... Welcome back to The Crochet Crowd and our friends at
  26. 38. Which major craft store is minutes from The Crochet Crowd.
  27. 39. Mikey hates to be called this name.
  28. 43. Name Daniel's puppet that is an orange dog.
  29. 45. A yarn brand name that has heart.
  30. 47. In Canada, which province does The Crochet Crowd broadcast from?
  31. 54. Mikey is known as a ___ slut.
  32. 55. How many yarn balls are in the logo of The Crochet Crowd.