Crossword 2: Classic cars of the '60s

  1. 4. Which type of car (no specific marque or model) was popular among surfers in the 1960s?
  2. 7. Launched in 1962, this car was marketed as ‘America's only four-passenger, high-performance personal car’.
  3. 11. First produced in 1963, which car was known as the ‘Familia’ in Japan?
  4. 13. Manufactured between 1967-70, only 351 of these Japanese classic sports cars were ever produced.
  5. 15. Named after a French city, this car was produced between 1965-76.
  6. 17. This vehicle posed a threat to the Chevy Camaro and Ford Mustang. Any idea what it was?
  7. 20. What kind of car did Dustin Hoffman drive in The Graduate?
  1. 1. What kind of car was the Skylark?
  2. 2. Which safety feature was compulsory equipment on all new cars registered in the UK from 1968?
  3. 3. First produced in 1962, which car was originally going to be named the Ford Consul 325?
  4. 5. First produced in 1963, this Chevrolet Corvette was named after which aquatic animal?
  5. 6. Which car was claimed to have been called ‘the most beautiful car in the world’ by Enzo Ferrari at the 1961 Geneva Auto Show?
  6. 8. The 1960s saw the increasing popularity of disc brakes. What kind of brakes did they replace?
  7. 9. In the '60s, Ralph Nader changed the auto industry with his tell-all book on safety. What was it called?
  8. 10. First manufactured in 1963, what marque of car was the Mistral?
  9. 12. Which classic US carmaker went under in 1967?
  10. 14. Racing driver-turned-designer Carroll Shelby is most associated with which of these cars?
  11. 16. Produced between 1966-73, which car is credited as the first supercar?
  12. 18. Which car had to change its name in 1963 due to a Peugeot trademark?
  13. 19. Produced between 1959-74, which carmaker created the Galaxie?