1. 3. Affected by a depressing feeling caused by being alone.
  2. 8. A piece of clothes that you wear to go swimming.
  3. 10. A machine in the kitchen that cleans the plates and cutlery.
  4. 13. to walk a big distance for pleasure or exercise, especially through rural areas and mountains.
  5. 14. An elegant piece of clothes that is usually worn by men for special events.
  6. 16. A small box-shaped area with a door for baking in the kitchen.
  7. 17. Inclined or disposed to respect others' opinions.
  1. 1. To close and open one eye quickly.
  2. 2. A film that has a wide popular appeal or financial success.
  3. 4. A short coat usually opening down the front.
  4. 5. Place and time in which the action of a film or a book takes place.
  5. 6. Small brownish spots on the skin which are usually on the cheeks.
  6. 7. It refers to someone who orders other people.
  7. 8. The sport of jumping off a bridge to which one is attached by an elastic rope.
  8. 9. To remove dust or dirt with a broom from the floor.
  9. 11. To go down a snowy mountain, similar to snowboarding, but using two boards instead of one.
  10. 12. A small natural hole on someone's face that usually shows up when someone smiles.
  11. 15. The sound recorded on a film.