Crossword A (toxico and epigenetic)

  1. 3. any adverse effect of substances to the immune system.
  2. 4. region of the brain that controls motor function and plays a role in sensory perception.
  3. 7. the property of substances to induce genetic mutations.
  4. 9. a substance able to cause fetal abnormalities during pregnancy.
  5. 10. a nucleic acid present in all living cells that has similarities to DNA.
  1. 1. a protein found on epithelial cells and an important component of the intermediate filaments.
  2. 2. the process by which a non-toxic chemical enhances the harmful effect of a another one when the two are combined together.
  3. 5. changes that affect gene expression without altering your DNA sequence.
  4. 6. cell organelles that generate most of the cells’ energy through biochemical reactions.
  5. 8. a method of determining the concentration, activity, or effect of a change to substance by testing its effect on a living organism and comparing this with the activity of an agreed standard