Crossword of the Week: We're Almost There!

  1. 3. Many of us will hopefully get more of this.
  2. 7. America's birthday
  3. 8. Some of us will be attending summer __ for a multitude of reasons, such as getting our required credits quicker, preparing for the SATs, etc.
  1. 1. The dairy delight that refreshes us in the summer heat
  2. 2. The upcoming season of joy and relaxation.
  3. 4. The source of pure stress, dread, and terror that shows what we as students have hopefully learned this past school year.
  4. 5. "Let's go to the __, __, ... Nicki Minjaj" (a Vine reference)
  5. 6. We will be asked to do some __ in preparation for our English and history courses for next year.