Crossword Puzzle in Context | The Art of Brevity - Short Stories

  1. 4. The way in which a work of literature is organized or put together.
  2. 6. Vivid descriptions or figurative language used to create a sensory experience for the reader.
  3. 8. The way in which a work of literature is written or presented.
  4. 11. The sequence of events that make up the story of a work of literature.
  5. 12. A strong feeling or reaction to something that affects a person's behavior or mood.
  6. 13. The distinctive style or tone of a particular writer or narrator.
  7. 15. The underlying idea or theme of a work of literature or art.
  8. 16. The use of symbols or images to represent abstract ideas or concepts in a story.
  9. 17. A story or account of events, experiences, or characters.
  10. 20. The time and place in which a work of literature takes place.
  1. 1. A genre of fiction that is intended to scare or frighten the reader.
  2. 2. A person, animal, or imaginary creature that is represented in a work of literature.
  3. 3. The skill and technique involved in creating a work of art or literature.
  4. 5. A genre of fiction that focuses on romantic relationships and often has a happy ending.
  5. 7. A type of literature that includes imaginative stories, characters, and events.
  6. 9. Information about the background, setting, or characters in a story that is necessary for the reader to understand the plot.
  7. 10. A category of literature characterized by a particular style, form, or content.
  8. 14. Using few words to convey a message or idea.
  9. 18. The part of a story where the conflict is resolved or the plot is concluded.
  10. 19. The underlying idea or message that is conveyed in a work of literature or art.