Daily Philosophy #4

  1. 2. A cactus from which a hallucinogenic drug is made.
  2. 5. The morally good action is the one that maximises happiness, this theory says.
  3. 7. A legally available, highly addictive drug.
  4. 8. The philosophical position that grown-up people can best judge themselves what is good for them.
  5. 10. This country decriminalised personal drug possession.
  6. 11. Making a previously illegal behaviour legal.
  1. 1. The philosophical position that says that all that counts is pleasure.
  2. 2. Period where selling alcohol was illegal in the 1920's USA.
  3. 3. The philosopher who came up with the Utility Monster argument.
  4. 4. Pharmaceutical company that blocked the use of its drugs for executions.
  5. 6. Common entry-level drug.
  6. 7. A country that experienced a rise in crime after legalising drugs.
  7. 9. A drug that is about 100 times more deadly than marijuana.