Daniel in the Lions Den

  1. 5. The time frame of the decree.
  2. 6. Who the men of the kingdom should tremble before.
  3. 8. The tribe Daniel was from.
  4. 10. The building the king live in.
  5. 11. What God sent to shut the lions' mouths.
  6. 14. The time of day the king labored until to deliver Daniel.
  7. 16. Daniel's job title.
  8. 18. The name of the king during this period.
  9. 20. The type of spirit Daniel had.
  10. 21. What the king sealed what was laid on the mouth of the den with.
  1. 1. The number of times Daniel prayed each day.
  2. 2. What those who disobeyed the decree could be cast into.
  3. 3. What could not be done to a decree or stature of the king.
  4. 4. The other presidents and princes found Daniel to be this.
  5. 7. The decree was made according to the law of.
  6. 9. The time the king arose in the morning to go to the den.
  7. 12. The tone of voice the king cried unto Daniel with.
  8. 13. The length of time the King said Daniel served his God.
  9. 14. What was laid upon the mouth of the den.
  10. 15. What the presidents, governors, princes, counselors, and captains consulted to establish.
  11. 17. What the king said should be multiplied unto all that dwell in the earth.
  12. 19. The city Daniel's window opened towards.