December Crossword Challenge

  1. 5. While in office, this President drank only tea or Fresca. (2 words)
  2. 6. This President's two white collies, Rob Roy and Prudence Prim, often attended White House teas, making the round of the guests, hoping for a treat.
  3. 7. This President purchased a number of silver tea accoutrements from L. Vernon and Company, including a teapot, a sugar dish, a cream pot, a slop bowl and a tea urn with a heater.
  4. 10. Prime Minister Kriangsak Choman and his wife presented a celadon tea set to this President.
  5. 12. An embroidered tea cozy and copper tea kettle that belonged to this President are on display his home, which is a national historic site.
  6. 15. This President would often make his own breakfast, consisting of grapefruit, English muffins and tea.
  7. 17. This President often was heard saying, "Colonel, my wife tells me we are out of tea. Put up a pound of the best."
  8. 18. During this President's administration the Great Tea Race took place, leaving China for London. (2 words)
  9. 19. This First Lady on her husband's inauguration day arranged a luncheon and a tea for her husband's Yale classmates. (2 words)
  10. 20. This President and his First Lady drank tea with the Viceroy of China and the Emperor of Japan, following his presidency, when they went on a trip abroad.
  11. 21. Sometimes this President would join tea guests and play the piano. Imagine a lovely tea at the White House, with the President supplying the musical accompaniment.
  12. 23. Charles de Gaulle presented a Sevres cobalt blue and gold porcelain tea set to this President and his First Lady.
  13. 24. This First Lady invited Mrs. Jesse DePriest, wife of Congressman Oscar DePriest, to afternoon tea. This brought forth both criticism and praise, because she was the first African-American woman to be invited to a White House Tea.
  1. 1. This President was gifted an exquisite tea set inlaid with pearls and gold, from visiting Japanese dignitaries.
  2. 2. During his presidency, the American clipper ship the Sea Witch (designed for the New York-China Tea Trade) cut over 60 days from the normal travel time between New York and San Francisco.
  3. 3. This President's second wife, after suffering a stroke, uttered the word "tea" as her last dying word.
  4. 4. This First Lady had tea with Princess Benedikte of Denmark in the Yellow Room at the White House.
  5. 7. This President and his First lady purchased a tea table and tea caddy while living in Europe. (2 words)
  6. 8. This president designed a polygonal shaped Tea Room in his home.
  7. 9. This President and his First Lady often savored teatime on the Mayflower, the official presidential yacht.
  8. 10. Harney & Sons created this tea, "Eight at the Fort" in honor of the eight heads of state who were meeting at The World Peace Summit in Denver. Which President was in office for this event?
  9. 11. Which President's breakfast included three cups of tea, without cream, three small hoe cakes swimming in butter and honey?
  10. 13. During this President's years in the White House, Dr. Julius Smith successfully cultivated tea plants in Greenville, South Carolina.
  11. 14. Hosting a tea party, was one of this President's favorite and most effective campaign devices.
  12. 16. This President helped make tea made from catkins, and then drink some of the tea while while in Alaska. A catkin or ament is a slim, cylindrical flower cluster.
  13. 22. During his presidency, the U.S. Tea Importation Act was passed. This law required the government to set tea standards and discourage shipments of tea of questionable quality.