Digital Tech 1

  1. 2. A graphic image (and audio for vision impaired) recognition test to confirm a human, rather than a computer­automated response to a request
  2. 6. A repetition of a process or set of instructions in computer programming where each repeated cycle builds on a previous
  3. 8. Malicious software designed to interfere with the regular operation of a computer system
  4. 9. One of the first coding systems (or languages) designed to be used for web­page files so that an internet browser can efficiently display a page and elements for that page such as text, links and media in the intended position. hypertext markup language
  1. 1. A set of rules or standards for transmitting files between digital systems on the internet file transfer protocol
  2. 2. cascading style sheets
  3. 3. Step­by­step procedures required to solve a problem
  4. 4. A set of generally accepted standards or 'rules' that govern relationships and interactions between and within information systems
  5. 5. footprint A total set of data left behind by a person using a digital system.
  6. 7. A physical point in a bitmap image or on a display device that corresponds to the smallest amount of information that can be stored and accessed