Diseases of salivary gland & thyroid gland part 1

  1. 2. tachycardia,nervousness,intolerance to heat and exophtholmas are seen in.
  2. 7. the origin of thyroglossal duct is.
  3. 8. a patient has hypocalcemia which was the result of surgical complication. Which operation could it possibly have been.
  1. 1. lymph node metastasis commonest in which carcinoma thyroid.
  2. 3. cystic swelling in the floor of mouth.
  3. 4. the most common level of thyroglossal cyst is.
  4. 5. theraphy of choice for diffuse toxic goitre in a patient over 45 years.
  5. 6. a condition in which caries activity increases in the oral cavity.