1. 3. I'm an orange animal and my bestfriend name is Rocky.
  2. 5. I'm a inventor and also the father of Belle.
  3. 6. I'm the cook and the housekeeper of Roger and Anita Radcliff. I play in 101 dalmatians movie.
  4. 8. I'm a little bear and I sing the song "On my way" in English version.
  5. 10. I'm the baby boy of the family and I have superpowers. I play in Incredibles movie.
  6. 12. I have very big ears and I can fly with them.
  7. 13. I'm a lemurian and my only family is Pumba and Simba.
  8. 14. I'm the little pig of Moana.
  9. 15. I'm a fox and I work with a police rabbit.
  10. 16. I hate Hercules since he was born and I'm a blue person with a blue flame on the head.
  11. 18. It's a title of a the Esmeralda and Quasimodo story.
  12. 21. I'm a kangaroo, I wear a blue tee-shirt and I jump.
  13. 22. I'm the creator father of Pinocchio.
  14. 24. I'm the girl who recives the old toys of Andy Devis and I have a unicorn plush called "Gold Button".
  15. 25. I'm the bestfriend of Big Ben and Belle.
  16. 27. I'm a little green animal, I can change my body color and my mentor is Raiponce.
  17. 28. I'm a drawft who sneeze very much and everytime. I play in Snow White movie.
  1. 1. I'm a skunk and I'm a very good friend of Bambi.
  2. 2. I'm a cricket, I wear a suit and I help Pinocchio in his adventure.
  3. 4. I'm a boy, I have brown hair and I travel in a boat to go to the treasor planet.
  4. 7. I'm a truck, I lives in Radiator Springs City and my bestfriend is a race red car.
  5. 9. I'm a indian boy who supposed to married Pochaontas.
  6. 11. I'm a big white character inflatable and I looks like a marshmallow.
  7. 12. I'm the mom of tree little cats. I play in the Aristochats movie.
  8. 14. I'm a kid and I don't want to grow up. I live in Neverland world.
  9. 17. I'm a crazy girl and I love so much fish. My father is a dentist. I play in Nemo movie.
  10. 19. I'm a good friend of Ariel. I'm blue and yellow.
  11. 20. I'm the mouse friend of Dumbo and wear a red suit and red hat for circus show.
  12. 22. I'm a mouse and I wear a green tee-shirt. I love very much cheese.
  13. 23. I'm the bestfriend of Aladdin and I'm a monkey.
  14. 26. I'm born the 18th november 1928. I have many friends and I'm a mouse. This year i was 90 years old.