Disney Movies

  1. 2. Queen of Ice.
  2. 6. They are taught to scare children but really they are scared of them.
  3. 8. Her world is changed as the settlers arrive.
  4. 10. A boy is hunted by a tiger.
  5. 13. When the kids are away the toys will play.
  6. 15. He just can't wait to be king.
  1. 1. Super human strength; he is the son of Zeus.
  2. 3. A monkey and a Genie are his best friends.
  3. 4. What would a world of civilized animals look like?
  4. 5. She will make you take your medicine; with sugar.
  5. 7. She loves to paint and brush, brush, and brush her hair.
  6. 9. She had seven roommates.
  7. 11. You will never grown up.
  8. 12. Some say he monkeys around, but that is just his family.
  9. 14. She will bring honour to her family with the help of her ancestors.