1. 2. The island where people throw pots out of the window during Easter.
  2. 3. The building in Washington which has had an Easter Egg hunt for the last 150 years.
  3. 7. Elegant hats that girls in America wear for Easter.
  4. 8. The correct spelling of the Polish tradition of throwing water over each other on Easter Monday.
  5. 10. What children in Sweden and Finland dress up as during Easter.
  6. 13. Three days before Easter Sunday
  7. 14. The Jewish festival held during the Easter time
  8. 16. The country that Easter Island belongs to.
  9. 17. The name of a baby sheep.
  1. 1. The town in France where a 15,000 egg omelette is cooked every Easter.
  2. 4. The fruity bread rolls eaten in Britain during easter.
  3. 5. How to colour eggs, sounds violent.
  4. 6. What might come out of an egg
  5. 9. Two days before Easter Friday
  6. 11. The large rabbit which ius a symbol of Easter
  7. 12. What is the Pomlazka a type of, which Slovakian boys use on girls every easter.
  8. 14. A week before Easter Sunday
  9. 15. The season of Easter