Easter Crossword

  1. 4. What is the most popular meat to be eaten on Easter?
  2. 5. What bread-based snack is associated with Easter?
  3. 8. What Jewish holiday was being celebrated at the time of Jesus’ death and resurrection?
  4. 10. What flower is considered an Easter Symbol
  5. 12. The first Easter eggs were dyed what color?
  6. 14. The 40 day period before Easter
  7. 15. What did Jesus and his apostles eat at the Last Supper?
  8. 16. What animal leaves gifts in your Easter basket?
  9. 19. Who wrote “Easter Parade?”
  1. 1. Easter's date is determined by what?
  2. 2. What baked good is a Good Friday tradition in England?
  3. 3. Aside from the bunny, what other animal is associated with Easter?
  4. 6. What city did Jesus enter on Palm Sunday?
  5. 7. In England, what is the name of the fruitcake with marzipan balls served at tea time on Easter?
  6. 8. The Sunday before Easter is called
  7. 9. Most people bite off what part of a chocolate bunny first?
  8. 11. Easter Island is apart of what country
  9. 13. The country that the Easter bunny originated from
  10. 17. Where is the most popular Easter Parade held each year?
  11. 18. Dyeing Easter eggs is a tradition that began in which country?