Easter Crossword Puzzle

  1. 1. Americans roll eggs across the lawn of this famous residence.
  2. 3. The word used to refer to Christ's rising from the dead.
  3. 10. The most famous eggs.
  4. 12. The tradition of the Easter bunny (or Oschter Haws) originated in this country.
  5. 13. The flower used as a symbol of Easter.
  6. 14. The number of days Christ remained in the tomb.
  7. 15. This ancient country regarded the egg as a sacred symbol of the goddess Ishtar (pronounced "Easter").
  8. 17. Easter occurs at approximately the same time as this Jewish festival.
  9. 18. Many families eat a large __________ on Easter.
  10. 19. This 40-day (not counting Sundays) period precedes Easter.
  11. 21. __________ remains the most popular color for Marshmallow Peeps.
  12. 22. Eggs are _____ to represent the blood of Jesus Christ.
  1. 2. _________ Estate, Museum & Gardens, where we had a fun and memorable Easter experience.
  2. 4. The season of Easter.
  3. 5. The rabbit is traditionally a symbol of __________.
  4. 6. These salty snacks were once associated with Easter, as the traditional twist was believed to resemble arms crossed in prayer.
  5. 7. Here comes Peter __________.
  6. 8. President Ronald Reagan liked this Easter treat.
  7. 9. Most Americans say they eat the __________ of a chocolate bunny first.
  8. 11. In the U.S., Easter is the second biggest candy-selling season of the year. Only this holiday outranks it.
  9. 16. The word "Easter" was probably derived from the name of Eostre, an ancient __________ of spring.
  10. 20. Easter is considered a "moveable feast" because its date changes each year based on the cycles of the __________.