1. 4. is the amount of matter in an object
  2. 5. first law of motion says that an object at rest will stay at rest and an object in motion will stay in motion with a constant speed and direction unless acted on by a force
  3. 8. eclipse occurs when the moon passes directly between earth and the sun
  4. 10. it cast a shadow on an object causing an eclipse
  5. 11. the imaginary line that passes through earths center
  6. 12. attracts all objects toward each other
  7. 13. the tendency of an object to resist a change in motion is inertia
  8. 15. the larger part of the shadow
  1. 1. eclipse occurs when at a full moon when earth is directly between the moon and the sun
  2. 2. are called by the motions of the moon around earth
  3. 3. the very darkest part of the moons shadow is the umbra
  4. 6. the measure of the force of gravity on an object is called weight
  5. 7. earth of these days are known as a solstice
  6. 9. of universal gravitation states that every object in the universe attracts every other object
  7. 14. which means equal night