English Plus Crossword Puzzle 04

  1. 6. a medical apparatus that is tied around a limb to cut off the blood flow (e.g. When the soldier's leg was ripped off, a medic had to apply a ______ around the top part of his thigh so he would not bleed to death.)
  2. 7. the border of an area or figure (e.g. The fence around my house identifies the ______ of my property.)
  3. 8. the act of completing an action where one or more sides benefit; typically applies to sales (e.g. Bank tellers ______ withdrawals and deposits daily.)
  4. 10. raw cut timber beams (e.g. Environmentalists protested the ______jacks' actions because they were chopping down all the trees for their ______.)
  1. 1. permission to do something (e.g. The marshal was given a ______ to use all resources to bring in the escaped prisoner.)
  2. 2. the act of mathematically calculating something (e.g. ______ of the math problem was too difficult to take on without a calculator.)
  3. 3. to contradict or deny (e.g. Since Jack told the truth on the witness stand, no one was able to ______ his statement.)
  4. 4. something that is safe and unlikely to cause harm or hurt (e.g. Everyone was shocked that the ______ old man was actually a jujitsu master.)
  5. 5. to watch and oversee (e.g. Each Sunday school teacher should ______ their class's craft to ensure that it's completed in time.)
  6. 9. lacking care or attention to duty; negligent (e.g. If I let you go without food, I would be ______ in my responsibilities as a parent.)