English Plus Episode 646 Vocabulary Building | The Delany Sisters

  1. 6. Someone or something that is ______ is calm and quiet.
  2. 7. If someone or something is ______ in a group, they are more important, powerful, or capable than other people or things in the group.
  3. 8. ______ is long life.
  4. 10. You use ______ to describe people who believe in something very strongly and are active in trying to bring about political or social change, often in extreme ways that other people find unacceptable.
  1. 1. A ______ is a severe course of action which is intended to make people obey instructions, customs, or laws.
  2. 2. If you describe someone as ______, you mean that they are tough, independent, and spirited, often when you would not expect them to be, for example because they are old or ill.
  3. 3. The recorded events of one year can be called an ______.
  4. 4. If you ______ someone or something to a less important position, you give them this position.
  5. 5. If someone or something ______s you, they make you feel surprised or confused, often by showing you that your opinions or expectations of them were wrong.
  6. 9. If you describe people, especially people who are old, as ______, you mean that they are healthy.