English Plus Episode 661 Vocabulary Building | The Navajo Code Talkers

  1. 3. Something that is ______ is secret or mysterious.
  2. 5. A ______ is a message or report that is sent, for example, by army officers or government officials to their headquarters.
  3. 7. If someone's power or freedom is ______d, it is limited or restricted.
  4. 8. If you have a ______ for something, for example learning a language, you find it easy to do.
  5. 10. If you ______ a problem or difficulty, you deal successfully with it.
  1. 1. A ______ is a person who speaks or understands many languages.
  2. 2. If you ______ something, for example a skill, technique, idea, or product, you carefully develop it over a long period of time so that it is exactly right for your purpose.
  3. 4. Covert activities or situations are secret or hidden.
  4. 6. The archive or ______ are a collection of documents and records that contain historical information. You can also use ______ to refer to the place where ______ are stored.
  5. 9. If someone is ______, they are unable to believe something because it is very surprising or shocking.