English Plus Episode 662 Vocabulary Builder | The Free Spirits of the Molecular World

  1. 1. To ______ is to predict some future event as from signs or omens.
  2. 6. The ______ of a country or district is the style of cooking that is characteristic of that place.
  3. 7. Something that is ______ has many bright colors that seem to keep changing.
  4. 9. To ______ someone means to physically attack them.
  1. 2. You use ______ to indicate that something is very light, thin, or delicate.
  2. 3. If you describe food or drink as ______, you mean that it tastes pleasant.
  3. 4. A ______ of people is a group of people all together in one place.
  4. 5. A ______ gas or substance is poisonous or very harmful.
  5. 6. To ______ somewhere means to rush forward in an uncontrollable way.
  6. 8. ______ means two people or pieces of equipment that work together to achieve a result