English Plus Episode 669 Too Many Deer | Word Power

  1. 1. ______ hair, fur, or skin is a pale brown color.
  2. 5. A test, system, or procedure that is ______ is very thorough and strict.
  3. 7. Someone who is ______ is sensible and careful.
  4. 8. If someone ______s something, they remove it deliberately and completely.
  5. 10. If someone or something ______s a situation, they make it better or easier in some way.
  1. 2. ______ means relating to the ownership and use of land, especially farmland, or relating to the part of a society or economy that is concerned with agriculture.
  2. 3. ______ food, especially meat or vegetables, is juicy and good to eat. ______s or ______ plants are types of plants which have thick, fleshy leaves.
  3. 4. A ______ is a shop that provides food and equipment in a place such as a military camp or a prison.
  4. 6. If animals or people ______, they run or jump about in a playful way.
  5. 9. ______ is a feeling of anxiety or fear.